Determining the Best of the Crop

A blender may seem insignificant for a kitchen, but somehow it has now becomes a necessity for most kitchen. They are multi-functional for meals or drinks and surely will never make you regret in owning one unit. It can be used for chopping, grinding, blending and even in making smoothies. But how do you know you purchase the best blender? And how was it determined that it was the best of the crop? Read on the reviews of the best smoothie blender to know more.

There are certain criteria that are essential in determining how good a blender is functioning. Professionals often look for the ability of the blender to chop onions, to prepare smoothies or ice-blended drinks and also to grind the coffee beans. It is also important to test how easy it is to assemble the blades, the positioning of the jar to the base of the blender and also how easy the controls are were.

The sound that it produces is also a factor to consider as well as its effect in the dishwasher besides its stain resistance as well. There is also a need to determine its potential in causing any form of hazards or injury to its users. Therefore, another essential factor would also be the manual and instructions that is provided for the blender. Of course the best blender would successfully passed all the above criteria mentioned. But, how were they actually tested?

As mentioned above, the blenders were tested for blending certain food items. Thus, after each of the test, the end products were often examined and evaluated on how smooth or even those items were processed. Then with the help of the manual, each of the instructions written was faithfully followed to determined its usefulness and effectiveness. To test the resistance to stain, the blender was filled with hot tomato sauce, blend it for one minute or more, and then discard the tomato sauce. The jar is left to sit overnight at room temperature before washing it with water.

These are just some of the basic tests performed by professionals in order to look for the best blender in the market. Now that you know what is being done, you may even try it on your own blender at home.

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