Absolutely Stunning Kitchen Knives


Professional and home chefs have enjoyed the great Wusthof knives for centuries. This is because the German company has dedicated time and skill to forge the knives with precision comparable to none. They also rely on advanced technology to complement the forging process and bring forth high quality knives that bear the acclaimed Wusthof mark. It could be one brand, but it carries so many knife models to suit any chef out there. By reading this review on the best kitchen knife brands might be helpful for you in choosing the right kitchen knives.

Here are some of the most lauded Wusthof kitchen knives reviews of all time;


  • Wusthof Le Cordon Bleu knives

This is a result of combined effort Le Cordon Bleu, a leader in the knife business. It is comparably lighter than other models but that does not compromise its quality or performance. The knife has triple riveted handle shells and a special bolster which make it easy to handle. This set offers the best cutting balance thank to the high carbon steel material used to make it. Wusthof Cordon Bleu knives are certainly a darling among people who prefer lighter knives.


  • Wusthof culinary set

It is an absolutely stunning set of knives according to experts. This might be because of the sophisticated and beautiful design but it could also be because of its immense strength in the kitchen. The combination of beauty and strength in a kitchen knife is hard to accomplish but Wusthof seem to have achieved just that. A distinct feature on this knife is the single rivet on handle instead of the usual three. Even with so much love fro Wusthof culinar set, some people complain that it is too heavy and difficult to sharpen.

  • Wusthof Gourmet Knives

These are ideal for those on a tight budget as it is cheaper than other Wusthof models. They are different from other knives by the same company in that they are stamped and not forged. They are manufactured using one piece steel and the handles are synthetic, making it significantly lighter. If you are on a tight budget and want the legendary Wusthof knives for your home, why don’t you try the Wusthof Gourmet line?

Wusthof Knives have made such an impact in the world knife market for their beauty, quality and high performance, that it would be a shame for any chef to lack a Wusthof knife in their kitchen!

My Rachael Ray cookware!

I had to add to the many reviews for the best cookware set brand! Not only are these sets good value (you can find them on offer at a few places) but they live up to expectations. I have found them to be sturdy and versatile and no chipping of the metals as yet. This has been a common problem with cookware sets I have owned in the past – that is why I had to write a review about the Rachael Ray cookware sets, they are a definite must for any home!I was firstly attracted to mine (deep red) because of the gorgeous two tone colour. The red is almost like a burgundy and it just adds colour and depth to my kitchen. Because it was an aesthetic purchase, I didn’t expect the quality in which I received. No bending of any of the handles (common problem with other cookware sets I have owned), as stated before, no chipping or scratches and the sets include a variety of pots, pans and trays.


The are a wide range of colours to choose from, so you will find something to suit any personality and/or kitchen. My word of advice: don’t be put off just because they look good – this does not mean that they are not fit for purpose, they really excel in the cooking department. I have cooked many things with my sets and have had no problems – yet! I have found them easy to wash without food remains becoming stuck to the frying pans/trays. The trays I got included with mine are the perfect size for big roasts (chicken) and they are also the right depth to catch juice from the meat.

I am super impressed with the quality of these sets and I am considering going and buying the rest of the range in that colour (just in case they stop doing it. I have my eye on three frying pans and also the utensils. My friend owns some of the utensils – she got some with her set and she said they are excellent. They are strong and don’t bend like many other brands. I have had many compliments on my set. I host many dinner parties and many people have asked me where I purchased such beautiful cookware. I would definitely recommend this range to anyone who is thinking of buying cookware and I would even recommend that those who aren’t, start saving for their cookware replacement!

The Best Blender I Have for My Protein Shakes

Since I am a fitness enthusiast, I always workout at home or at the gym. This helps me become more energetic throughout the day. However, I can’t deny the fact that I also lose electrolytes and sweat in my body when I do exercise. We all know that once we lose these substances in our body, we will feel a bit weak. Our muscles will lose its strength. This is why I choose to drink protein shakes to replenish the sweat and strength I lost. And frankly speaking, protein shakes work for strengthening my muscles. Protein shakes may or may not have a good taste – depending on the blender. I use Vitamix 750 – Professional Series blender. So, does it work for me?
strawberry shake
Protein Shake with a Good Blender is VITAMIX 750 – Professional Series

Vitamix 750 is one of the best blenders for protein shakes I have ever tried. I am fond of making smoothies and shakes and the blender really gives me the best taste and consistency of the shake. It is also very quiet when used – it is up to 4 times as quiet as opposed to many off the shelf shakers/blenders. Many blenders wear out so fast, and we will not be able to repair them, since they mostly have short warranties. However, Vitamix 750 has a 7-year warranty, so in case I will wear it out, I can still send it back to the company and have it fixed. 7-year warranty is quite long for me.

I was talking about the consistency of the shake with the blender earlier. And yes, it gives me a very smooth shake in just few seconds. This is because the power comes in at 1200W that will easily crush any ice and hard fruits. How much more for making a protein powder shake? It will only give me few seconds to make one.

The biggest advantage of Vitamix 750 is the price. I think it is around $650 and this is too costly for other people. For me, it is worth it because it suits my personal preference. I want a delicious and smooth protein shake, and Vitamin 750 can do these things – regardless of the cost.

Getting Natural Juices


Juicers are machines that manufacture natural juices directly from the fruits. Omega juicer reviews show that there a large variety of juicers that are of high quality. They can be used at homes and in hotels to make juices. They being of high quality means that they are durable. The buyers should therefore look out for the best quality of juicers that are not easily damaged. Omega juicers come in a large variety and also have an affordable price.

The types of Omega juicers includes; Omega 4000 commercial pulp ejection juicer and Omega c-20c commercial stainless steel citrus juicer among others. All juicers have their particular purpose according to the fruits that they are to extract juices from. It relies on the buyer to choose what juicers they want and for what purpose. There are juicers which are multi-purpose and can make juices from various fruits. Buyers should also make sure that they look out for high quality juicers which will last them for a long time.

Best juicers reviews 

Before buying juicers, buyers should consider taking a look at the best juicers reviews. A best juicy is the one which is of high quality, durable and also cost effect. Buyers should not waste their money to buy things that will not last for long. The buyers should also compare market to make sure that they choose the best places to buy their juicers.

They should also consider the overall best juicers and also who makes the best juicers. This allows them to take time to choose the juicers that are the best in the market. The best juicers depend on the juice that they produce. The buyers should consult first or ask for a sample juice before buying the juicers. It is hard to determine the best juicer because most of them are equally the same. 3/4 horse power Champion juicer is among the best and it is used to juice anything.

Recipes for Bread Machines

It is one fascinating thing to have the best bread machine in the home and quite another to get the right blend of recipes that can be used on it. If you have no idea of where to get the perfect recipes, this article can guide you, you can also check out this best bread machine reviews.

A bread machine is a piece of equipment that is used for baking bread in the home. In other words, this is a bread maker, and it is quite different from the commercial bread makers out there.

Bread machine come in various brands and models can help in baking different kinds of bread for use by the family. Whether you are planning to each white bread, fruit bread, whole wheat bread, or cinnamon rolls, etc, using a bread machine can help you do just that.

Recipes for bread making 

With your new bread maker you may want to find the right recipes for use in the home. There are many options available for you, and for a start, the manual that comes with the machine provides you with details on the recipes that suits that particular model you have just bought. Here are other quick tips on bread recipes for bread machines.

  • Determine what you want i.e. the kind of bread to have and go for it.
  • When you buy a bread machine, there is a particular recipe suitable for that machine. So, you know beforehand the kind of bread to make with the machine
  • If you are going for bread machine that can bake assorted bread, then you may have to consider using recipes online. Yes, there are many websites from where you can access information on different types of breads or rolls that can be baked with the machine. You are also guided on the step by step approach for bread making.
  • When you choose a particular recipe, follow the laid down instruction to achieve your objectives.
  • Some of the best recipes for bread machine can help you prepare whole wheat bread, white bread, fruit breads, cinnamon bread and sweet breads, savoury bread, sourdough, etc.

Good shot of espresso is a great way to start the day

A good shot of espresso is a great way to start the day ahead. In order to get the taste of the finest espresso from the convenience of your home, you would want to invest on a decent home espresso machine. There is a diverse range of the best espresso machines 2015 around and most of them require you to have at least some amount of basic skills in handling them. I am no espresso connoisseur and I might just end up staring at the machine for all you know.

Since the ordinary espresso machine weren’t exactly my solutions, I found myself hopeful over the Braun espresso machine. With the former, you may end up getting a fairly good shot depending on your expertise. With the latter, you are promised with a good shot with just one touch of the button every single time. My aunt had been the one who introduced me to the Braun espresso machine and it had been my choice in espresso machines till today. More reading

In all honesty, it is extremely difficult to find a good shot of espresso near my vicinity. I have tasted more awful espresso than good ones.  The Braun espresso machine is probably the best espresso machine I have come across that serves me satisfying shots of espresso. Since I’m using the Braun Tassimo espresso machine, it uses the smart technology that helps to brew the finest coffee, tea and even hot chocolate.

One of the many perks of this machine would be its ability to serve perfect espresso instantly. This is done effortlessly with the usage of T-disk to make a variety of drinks. It follows the prescription on each disc and makes the exact drinks in a specified time. This brings us to the next finest feature that is; the consistency in its taste and predictable outcome. One can pretty much expect the quality of the coffee and be assured of its consistency in providing you with the same taste every time. Besides that, if you are searching for the best coffee maker, this brand also is known as one of the top coffee maker manufacturer in the market.

Espressos from this machine are truly divine to say the least and the best part is it’s simple to use. The manuals are pretty comprehensive too if you are unsure on how to operate it.  This is the ideal espresso machine that is user-friendly, rated well for its high performance and comes in a sleek design. Together, it brings you splendid and authentic espresso that you are sure to love. I would highly recommend this Braun espresso machine for the first timers and busy workaholics.

Besides, finding it easy to operate, the maintenance is simple too. This impressive machine is fairly priced and you may find the best deals online according to your budget.  If you are still being indecisive on the quality and performance of this machine, browse through the Braun espresso machine’s website.

I believe you will be satisfied with the ratings and descriptions. There, you will find plenty of espresso machine consumer reviews and expert recommendations such as Brother Bears Coffee to answer your doubts. Also, you may do a quick comparison with the other models available from Braun and pick the right one for your home.

Rice cooked just the right way

I’ve read a few Rival Rice Cooker reviews. I have to say I’m also completely satisfied with this product. The Rival Rice Cooker cooks rice to perfection. This is the best rice cooker for brown rice available. My household could not survive without one. My husband is from the islands, so rice is a big part of our diet. We enjoy many island foods with rice as the main ingredient or as a delicious side dish. That is why it is important to have our rice cooked just the right way.

The Rival Rice Cooker ensures this important grain is cooked to properly. My husband is the one who introduced me to the Rival Rice Cooker. I don’t know how I ever did without one. Cooking rice was once difficult with messy boil overs and partially under cooked grains. Now I can cook a perfect pot of rice with ease. Measuring the rice and water in the pot is that simple. The automatic cooking feature is great I just hit the button and no worries. This allows me to go about prepping the rest of the meal without overseeing the rice. That saves me time. When the timer dings I fluff the rice and let it sit. There is an automatic warmer that keeps the rice steaming hot till I’m ready to serve it.


When I’m ready I scoop the rice out to each plate. It is that simple. I hate scrubbing pots after dinner. With the non-stick feature clean up is a synch, nothing sticks to the pot. There is no scrubbing after dinner. That means I can get out of the kitchen faster and spend more time with my family. I have the extra energy to help my kids with their homework. I have had my Rival Rice Cooker for over a year and I would not trade it for anything. I use my rice cooker everyday. When I thought my rice cooker couldn’t get any better I discovered I could also steam vegetables with it. I’m very health cautious, so I was delighted when I discovered this feature.

Steaming vegetables is a healthy way to serve them. The steaming locks in all the vitamins and minerals that the vegetable has to offer. That ensures my family is getting the appropriate nutrients from their food. As a mother my number one priority is keeping my family healthy. Healthy steamed baby carrots are my son’s favorite snack. Knowing all those vitamins are locked into those tiny baby carrots make me feel secure.

The Rival Rice Cooker has been my overall best kitchen appliance. My sister is always complementing us on our Rival Rice Cooker.  I think this year I will get her one for the Holidays. I know she will just love it, like I do because it is the best rice cooker. I’m delighted with my job as a mom when I see my family’s faces light up when I serve piping hot rice and delicious streamed vegetables from my Rival Rice Cooker. I said it once before and I will say it again the Rival Rice Cooker cooks rice to perfection. I’m completely happy with this product and would definitely recommend the Rival Rice Cooker to anyone. Click here for more information.